Pixel Survival

Pixel Survival Unblocked

Welcome to Pixel Survival. This exciting adventure game is built to provide an excellent experience and keep you entertained for hours on end. Your mission is to explore and survive the exciting challenges that come your way. You'll find fascinating features like: an active community of players who support each other, strategic crafting systems, quick combat, and a gorgeous worldbuilding experience. 

Discover how many more things you can do besides shooting at enemies. You can collect things, craft items, eat and drink and explore your environment freely.

Before you start playing you must select a level and character:
• Zombie Land (survive in the zombie land)
• Sandbox 
• Training 

Characters available: 
• Policeman: spawn with gun and ammunitions
• Farmer: spawn with farming tool 
• Salaryman: spawn with secret survival kit
• Sport Girl: spawn with everything necessary
• Medic: spawn with medicine and survival kit 

On the left screen it will be seen the percentage for drink, food and life. You must drink and eat in order to provide enery for the character.
Down the screen it will be seen the equipment.

• Four characters to choose from 
• Three maps
• Various weapons to collect, craft and use
• Different items for crafting

WASD or arrow keys to move
Left mouse click to shoot
Right mouse click to aim
I or E to open inventory
F for picking things
P or Esc to pause the game
Tab for score
Space bar to jump
Left Shift to run