Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer

Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer Unblocked

Join out latest rendition of a 3D online battle royale. Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer has a last man standing concept. You can personalise your character before dropping into the fight area.

Your main mission is to survive, and to do that, you must escape all your opponents before they catch and shoot you. Explore the map, collect all the weapons you can find and be the last character standing.

You have the opportunity to create Rooms or to join a quick play or to create a room.
• Battle Royale
• Deathmatch 
• Team DM 
• Explore
Choose a name for the room. 
Choose max players that can join.
Choose type of room: private/night .

Dont forget to collect the daily gift reward !

Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer Display:
• Map (displayed on the top right)
• Teams Score Points  (displayed on the top center)
• Equipment, HP and ammo (displayed on the bottom right)
• Kill feed and players joining (displayed on the top left)

5 great weapons to use
2 awesome cars
4 play modes: battle royale, deathmatch, team DM and explore
Private and night room option

WASD or arrow keys to move
Space bar to jump
Left mouse click to fire
Right mouse click to aim
1, 2, 3 for changing weapons
R to reload
L to use the flashlight
F to pick weapons
E to take the car