Dragon Simulator Multiplayer

Dragon Simulator Multiplayer Unblocked

Play as a dragon in this awesome Dragon Simulator Multiplayer. Reach for the skies, explore the map and win the fight against other dragons that will show up in the arena. Use all the attacks you have available, try them all out.

Spread your wings in this exciting simulator and enjoy the magic of flying and fighting as a dragon!

Dragon Simulator Multiplayer: Now you have the chance to enter the Dragons world, playing multiplayer.
Play Battle Royale, Score 1500.
Dragons available:
• Soteonth The Warrior 
• Fyminth The Chosen (available at level 10)
• Gossalo Eater of Sheep (available at level 20)
• Piessierth The Etarnal One (available at level 30)
• Marvolth The White One (available at level 40)
• Zosass The Tiran (available at level 50)

Dragon Profile you will find the following details: 
• Level
• Xp 
• Kills
• Money
• Level Save Code 
Dont forget to collect the daily gift reward !

Create room
• DM
• Battle Royale 
• Wasteland 
• RedWaste 
• WasteTown
Room name and type: private/ night 
Choose the max players that can join
Choose the victory kills necessary to win the battle.

Dragons.ro Display:
• Players joining kill feed & chat ( displayed on the left screen)
• Controls ( displayed on the bottom)
• Map & HP (displayed on the top right)
• Teams score (displayed on the top center)  

WASD or arrow keys to move
Space to fly-Up
L Shift to sprint
Q to jump
C to fly down
R to dodge
Shift + Left mouse click to shoot fire breath
Left mouse click to shoot fireball
Right mouse click for melee attack
T to chat
M to open map
Esc to pause to menu