Dragon Slayer FPS

Dragon Slayer FPS Unblocked

Run away from skeleton zombies and dragons! Shoot them before they kill you first! Welcome to Dragon Slayer FPS. Shoot everything you can, collect all the weapons you can and be the last one alive!

You will be equipped with a wide selection of lethal weapons that you can use to take out anything that stands in your path. Every firefight is brutal and won’t end until there’s you who survives. Test your skills and top other players as you collect powerful armaments and master advanced tactics.

Dragon Slayer FPS Mode 
Before you start the battles, you get the opportunity to equip the soldier in the weapons and armor section.

In the weapon section, you are provided with a range of purchasable and upgradable weapons which are unlocked at different levels.
Dragon Slayer FPS Weapons are:
• Deagle 
• Smg
• Flamethrower
• Shotgun 
• Minigun 
• Revolver 
• CQ16
• Slugger 
• Thompson Smg 
• Sniper
• Crossbow 
• Grenade 
• Chainsaw
• Gloves ( Classic, Classic 2, Red, Bloody Rose, Deepness, Forest, Gold, Rinda, Tiger) 

In the armor section, you are provided with a range of purchasable equipment.
Armor section:
• Watchdog Armor 
• Hellbound Armor 
• Undefeated Armor
• Night Armor
• Supreme Armor 
• Death Mask 
• Cataclysm Mask 
• Doom Squad Mask
• Unforgiven Mask 
• Vanquisher Mask
Play Game Mode:
• Bone Dragon
• Kill 
• Night kill
• Normal
• Hard 
• Very hard

Dragon Slayer FPS Display includes:
• Kill feed - you can kill Skeleton Footman, Skeleton Archer, Bone Dragon (displayed on the top left)
• HP & Ammo (displayed on the bottom right)
• Map (displayed on the top right)

WASD or arrow keys to move
Left mouse click to shoot
Number keys to switch weapon
Left Shift to slide
Space bar to jump
Escape to pause