Dragons.ro Unblocked

There is an amazing world out there, hidden in the skies, where dragons live flying free over the fuzzy clouds. Their lands are incredible magic where every dragon protect their home by fighting at the cost of their lives. This time all the baby dragons have to learn how to be powerful and use their fire in combat, so now in the dragons land start their daily training.

Dragons.ro is an amazing, colourful world, full of magic islands in the sky. You play as a baby dragon, the cutest can be. You have to fly up in the sky and battly other fire-breathing dragons. Use the environment to your advantage, hide behind plants or floating land, fly around your oponents and be the last dragon to make it out alive.

Each battle won earns coins and we all know how much dragons love coins.

Before you enter the battles you must choose a Dragon:
• Viridios
• Alzryss
• Aether ( available to buy with 10000 coins)
• Zondrys ( available at level 5)
• Nightwing (available at level 5)
• Juno (available at level 10)
• Pandora (available at level 10)
• Azyoss (available at level 15)
• Zephyr (available at level 15)
• Vermilion (available at level 20)
• Heliotrope (available at level 20)
• Nebula (available at level 25)
• Apollo (available at level 25)
• Twilight (available at level 30)
• Juniper (available at level 30)
• Naga (available at level 35)
• Ryuu (available at level 35)
• Whiro (available at level 40)
• Sapphire (available at level 40)
• Kalseru (available at level 45 )
• Azure (available at level 45 )
• Manipuri (available at level 50)
• Unakis (available at level 50)
• IIIuyankas (available at level 55)
• Elphaba (available at level 55)
• Dunniath (available at level 60)
• Nightfall (available at level 60)
• Cerunnos (available at level 70) 
• Hephess (available at level 70)
• Niadryss (available at level 80)
• Qiakays (available at level 80)
• Serenity (available at level 90)
• Nammass (available at level 90)
• Zannany (available at level 100)
• Helios (available at level 100)
• Aurora (available at level 100)
• Starblaze (available at level 100)

In the Dragon Profile you will find the following details: 
• Level
• Xp 
• Kills
• Money
• Level Save Code 
Dont forget to collect the daily gift reward !

If you want you can Create a room.
• Explore 
• DM
• TDM 
• Battle Royale 
• Elysian 
• Andaluzia
• Amaterasu 
• Heliopolis 
Room name and type : friendly / double damage, private/ night 
Choose the max players that can join

Dragons.ro Display:
• Players joining, kill feed & chat ( displayed on the left screen)
• Controls ( displayed on the bottom)
• Map & HP (displayed on the top right)

WASD or arrow keys to move the dragon
Spacetab to fly up
Left shift for sprint
Q to jump
C to fly down
R to dodge
Shift + left mouse click for breathing fire
Left mouse click to throw fireballs
Right mouse click for melee attack
T to chat
M to show map
Esc\tab to pause to menu