Frontline Commando Survival

Frontline Commando Survival Unblocked

Frontline Commando Survival is a shooter game where you must accoplish missions and kill all the terrorists before they kill you. You are playing a commando character stationed in the front lines of a war zone. 

Each level gives you a detailed mission. Eliminate all terrorists, but do not forget to accomplish the mission objective. Pay attention to all the mission description to make the best and quickest choices and complete the game.

Mission Instructions: 
1 - First Take Down 
2 - Eliminate the nearby terrorists, with premium weapon
3 - Kill all enemy, but be careful of mine on the way
4 - No weapon, find gun and eliminate all target 
5 - You are sniper shooter, eliminate all target silenty 
6 - Badly injured, find some health box before get into soldier war
7 - Use grenade to eliminate all soldier 
8 - It's sniper killing time 
9 - Use your sharp mind to find way to eliminate all soldiers
10 - Use Rifle M4 to clean boundary terrorists
11 - You have to clear occupied area
12 - Eliminate the entire soldier, enjoy premium weapon killing 
13 - Soldiers are coming near, escape or eliminate all
14 - Health is too low and dont have weaopon, let find weapon
15 - Go silently, use sniper to eliminate soldier 
16 - It's pain time for enemy soldier, use grenade to make hell for them
17 - They will never let you go out without killing you. 
18 - Fight through the pain, avoid soldier and escape 
19 - You can't do this
20 - Fight through pain

Frontline Commando Survival Display includes:
• Map (displayed on the top left)
• Life level (displayed on the top left)
• Number of enemies to be killed & ammo (displayed on the top right)
• Grenades (displayed on the buttom right)

WASD or arrow keys to move
Left mouse button to fire
Right mouse button to aim
Space bar to jump
Tab to pause
C to switch between third-person and first-person view
Ctrl to crouch
Left Shift to run