Commando Girl

Commando Girl Unblocked

This great shooter has more than just shooting to it. Commando Girl has missions that you must complete in order to advance the game. You can also practice your survival skills in Survival Mode.

Kill your opponents before they kill you and be the best commando soldier in the game. Explore the arenas of each mission  and use your experience to master the game.

You can play 14 Missions to complete & Survival Mode. 
Weapons available: 
• Pistol
• M4
• MP5
• Shotgun 
• Ak-47
• Sniper 

Commando Girl Display includes:
• Map (displayed on the top left)
• Ammo ( displayed on buttom center)
• Life level (displayed on the buttom left)

WASD to move
Mouse to aim and fire
Escape to toggle pause
Space to jump
C to change to first person
Z to crouch
X to prone
F to pickup weapon