Survival Play

Survival game is world that needs to be explored. You have the chance to create your own destiny and survive. Hunt wild animals, gather fruit and wood, go fishing to make item crafts. 

In the weapon section, you are provided with a range of purchasable and upgradable weapons, tools, food, constructions, props and wearables which can be unlocked if you search for the recommended items.
• To receive the Axe, you must find wood and rock in the forest.
• To receive the Bow, you must collect wood and rope.
• To receive the Beef Taco, you should find corn, row meat and fire.
• To be able to receive a Shelter, you must have five packs of wood and a rope. 
• To have a Firepit, you must find five packs of wood and two rocks.
• To be able to have a Wood Armor, you must find two skins and three packs of wood.

WASD or arrow keys to move.
Shift to attack nearest enemy.
Q/E to rotate camera
Use the mouse to attack, zoom, move, pick up etc.
Inventory: Left click to move item,
Right click to use item (equip)

This article was updated on February 10, 2023