Fort Shooter Simulator

Fort Shooter SImulator Unblocked

Check out our latest simulator game, Fort Shooter Simulator. Choose the weapons you want and start training. Build forts, choose the type of structure you want to build, and let your imagination run free.

Do your best and become the best shooter in the arena and use the constructions you've built to their best potential!

Follow the intructions, pick the weapons, aim at the targets.
Then you can try to aim at the Left Wall to see the aim sprite calculate were your shot will actually hit.
Aim at the Right Wall to see the ArmlKHelper align the right arm to the target.
Then you move forward and pick the ammo for the weapon.
Try shooting at or push the Red Barrel.
Blue Barrel is an ordinary barrel and green barrel has health and explodes when 'dies'.
Train yourself and shoot items and then shoot the ultimate enemy.

Multiple accessories and weapons to use
Different crafting options
Low poly great design graphics
Your own world to design

WASD to move
Right mouse button to aim
Left mouse button to spawn fort part or shoot
E to cancel building or to pick-up a weapon
1,2,3,4 to switch a weapon
5,6, or 7 to build a structure
Space bar to jump
L or Escape to toggle mouse cursor lock