Join in on the action with this thrilling arcade shooter. In, you jump right into the action as you join a room, or create your own. You can have your friends join you and play together in a room, or you can open the room up for anyone to join.

When you create a room, you can choose the type and theme of the arena, the weapons you prefer to have everyone use, or if you want the fight to be a free for all or team play.

Create room - first you need to give a name to the room. Select max players that can join the room. Game Levels are:
• Sanctum 
• Yarimar
• Sumerra
• Tabourma
• Isaneya
• Barricade
• BunkerX
• FactoryX
• Freedom
• Ship 
• Arena

Game Modes
• Team weapons available:
• Crazy Mode 
• All no RPG
• Sniper 
• Machine gun 
• Pistol Display includes:
• Kill feed (displayed on the top right)
• Leading player’s name & time & weapons (displayed on the top center)
• Ammo (displayed on the bottom right)

Left mouse button to shoot
Right mouse button to aim
R to reload
C to crouch
P to pause
1-9 key to change weapon
T to open chat and enter to send
Space bar to jump
Hold shift to run
Tab to open the menu