Gladiator Simulator

Gladiator Simulator Unblocked

You've had the experience of driving, flying dressing simulators. You've also experienced fighting simulators. Now is your chance to play Gladiator Simulator that takes part in an ancient environment.

Experience the fighting style of a gladiator now! Choose your weapon, don't forget to pick up a shield, too. Act fast because your fighting opponents are running fast towards you!

In Gladiator Simulator there are 2 arenas available.
Weapons available: 
• Viking Sword
• Katana
• Ironhand Sword 
• Viking Halberd 
• Katana One Handed
• Metal Shield

Gladiator Simulator Display:
• Hp, Kills, Controls (displayed on the top left)

WASD to move
Mouse 0 to attack/ + left shift heavy attack
Mouse 1 to block
Left Shift to toggle run/ +attack use heavy attack
X to cancel trigger & cancel ledge/ drop weapons
C to crouch
Q to jump
Space to dive roll
1 for sword & shield
2 for two handed weapon
3 for bow
4 for dual weapon
E to use/ take
L to take secondary
G to draw/ sheathe weapon
X to drop unwieldy weapons
Tab to pause

This article was updated on February 7, 2023