Dragon World

Dragon World Unblocked

Welcome to our literal Dragon World! Join the battle, fly high and fight other dragons! Join a room, create a room with your friends, or choose quick play for a quick fire battle in the air!

Personalize your dragon, stand out from the rest and fly high to make sure you stay alive! Fly high as you show off your customized dragon, made unique and special just for you. Stunning visuals will make the future battles even more worth fighting no matter if you win or lose, every experience will be one to remember.

If you want to enter Dragons World you must try Battle Royale. 
Choose a Dragon:
• Soteonth The Warrior 
• Fyminth The Chosen
• Gossalo Eater of Sheep ( available to buy with 10000 cash)
• Piessierth The Eternal One ( available at level 5)
• Marvolth The White One ( available at level 10)
• Zosass The Tiran( available at level 15)
• Chivi The Dragonlord  ( available at level 20)
• Uldross Lord of Fire  ( available at level 25)
Dragon Profile details:
• Level 
• Xp 
• Kills 
• Money 
• Battle Royale Rating
Dont forget to collect the daily gift reward !

In order to start the game you must choose/create a room where other players can join too.
Game mode:
• Explore
• DM
• TDM 
• Battle Royale 
Select the level:
• Draze Isle 
• Kutuma Lake 
• Myst Swamp
You need to name the room
Choose how many players you want to join
Choose how many victory  kills are necessary to win the battle.
Room can be private/ night/ double damage
Dragon World Display includes:
• Kill feed and chat (displayed on the top left)
• Control ( displayed on the bottom)
• Map & HP (displayed on the top right)

WASD or arrow keys to move the dragon
Spacebar to fly up
Left shift for sprint
Q to jump
C to fly down
R to dodge
Shift + left mouse click for breathing fire
Left mouse click to throw fireballs
Right mouse click for melee attack
T to chat
M to show map
Esc, tab to pause to menu