World Craft

World Craft Unblocked

Let your creativity run free in World Craft!

Build the world around you, explore and survive the night! Collect the resources you need, mine precious materials and build the structure you need to protect yourself from whatever dangers will come after you once night falls. Make sure that all buildings are stable enough to resist the attacks!

With interesting environment you can be creative  and make the building blocks come alive. With textures and materials sourced directly from the gaming world, you can create whatever builds are suitable for your play style.

Statistics: you can find the number of blocks chopped, blocks placed, how many animals you killed and how many times you died.
You can also save the world and create many others.

Move: WASD
Jump: space bar
Inventory: Q
Crafting: C
Alchemy: P
Block count: X
Toggle Flying: R
Toggle instant Hit: H
Destroy block: Left mouse button
Place block: right mouse button
Select inventory block: 1,2,3…
Esc: pause menu

This article was updated on January 28, 2023