Unblocked Shooters

Unblocked Shooters

Welcome to Unblocked Shooters, a dynamic multiplayer shooter game that will remind you of your favourites growing up. You just create or join a room and start hunting enemies! Choose your character and pick up guns to take down enemies with reckless abandon! You will battle with challenging opponents and play through thrilling levels filled with excitement around every turn.

In order to start the game you must choose/create a room where other players can join too.
In the create room section you need to name the room.
Choose how many players you want to join.
Game mode : FFA or Team 
Choose one room:
• BunkerX
• FactoryX
• Freedom
• Barricade 
• Ship
• Arena
Available weapons:
• Random 
• Sniper Machine gun 
• Pistol

Unblocked Shooters Display includes:
• Kill feed (displayed on the top right)
• Leading player’s name (displayed on the top center)
• HP and ammo (displayed on the bottom right)
• Weapons (displayed on the top of the screen)

Unblocked Shooters Gameplay:
Shoot as many players as you can to get on the top of the list. Pick the best weapon and start shooting. 
You need o keep moving and find places to hide or the best spot to kill enemies. 

Multiplayer game rooms
Multiple environments
Immersive graphics

WASD to move
T to chat
R to reload
P to pause
C to crouch
Space to Jump
Left mouse click to fire
Mouse scroll to change weapons