Stunt Crasher

Stunt Crasher Unblocked

Stunt Crasher is a fun and realistic physics simulation game, with a twist. Instead of boring examples and situations, in this game, you get to fly and crash your car!

Gain as much speed as you can, jump off the ramp, fly as high and as long as you can, and try to do an intentional landing. The cool part is trying to hit as many obstacles as you can when landing. More destruction brings a higher score.

Use the winnings to buy new vehicles, upgrade them and get ready for the next stage!

Get ready for the simulator and Select Vehicle. 
Select Stage: 
• Stadium
• Bridge
You can upgrade Engine, Boost and Bonus.
Work on the best speed & jump to gain a great score and bonus. 

Stunt Crasher Display: 
• Cash (displayed on the top left)
• Distance (displayed on top right)
• Car speed (displayed on the top center)

W/S or up/down arrows to control car

This article was updated on February 5, 2023