Police Stunt Cars

Police Stunt Cars Unblocked

This is your opportunity to perform the craziest stunts you can think of. In Police Stunt Cars, you can roam around freely, relax and drive. Choose one of the fours different environments to act out in.

Police cars having fun and jumping around in the city, or in stunt tracks built especially for you! Play as a police car and show everyone how much fun you can have!

Take your time, there are no time limits or competitors, this is just you alone with the track, having fun in peace.

10 awesome police cars including a limousine
4 unique maps with many jumping ramps
Speed and drift around the map while doing radical stunts

WASD or arrow keys to drive
Space key to handbrake
Left Shift to boost car
G key to unstuck car
R key to reset scene
C key to change view (camera)
E key to turn on police lights
X to hide instructions
‘1’ ‘2’ ‘3’ … ‘9’ ‘0’ to change car
Tab or Esc to toggle pause

This article was updated on November 30, 2022