Cars Simulator

Cars Simulator Unblocked

Cars SImulator
is a great pastime game with no consequences or limits, or competition to hold you back or enemies to defeat or overcome. 

This game provides three different environments in which you can ride along freely and relax, while also learning to do cool stunts with the car of your choice. Check out the different environments and all the creative contraptions we've built that you can use to jump, roll over or flip your car in every direction of angle you want.

You have 3 stunts maps and 3 cars to choose from.
• Rally
• Police 
• OldCar 

Cars Simulator Display includes:
• Controls and cars (displayed on the top left)
• Map (displayed on top right)

How to play Cars Simulator:
WASD or arrow keys to drive car
Space bar to handbrake
C to change view (camera)
Shift to boost car
R to reset scene
E to turn on police lights
X to hide instructions
1, 2, 3 to change car
Tab to exit to main menu

This article was updated on February 2, 2023