Bicycle Simulator

Bicycle Simulator Unblocked

As its name suggests, Bicycle Simulator is a simulator for bicycle riding. We have created three different environments for you to ride along in. You can then choose between two different bicycles. Try them out and find out if there are any riding differences between them.

Enjoy your free time to roam around without restrictions or objectives!

• 2 cool bikes
• 3 different maps
• The craziest platforms to explore 

Bicycle Simulator Display includes:
• Controls of the game (displayed on the top left)
• Speed (displayed on bottom right)

WASD or arrow keys to ride
X for rear brake
R to restart
RightShift + R for full restart
C to toggle reverse
Space bar to bunnyhop
M to turn left 180
N to make a backflip 360
B to make a bunny jump to the right
Esc to return to the main menu

This article was updated on February 2, 2023