Bullet Force

Bullet Force Play

Bullet Force is an online game where you can gather all your strength to eliminate every rival that appears in the way.

Find the best strategies and techniques that will help you survive in the world of shooters.

Create your own profile, choose the right weapon and join the battlefield.

In the Armoury section you will find:
Loadout 1 & 2 - Weapons:
• Mp5K 
• CZ75
• Knife
• Frag Grenade 
• Syringe 
• Helmet 
• Armor 
Kill Message 

Profile section you will see details about your soldier and load/save code.
• K/D Rate 
• Number of games played 
• Total play time 
• Number of kills
• Scores 
• Wins 
• Headshot counts 
• Knife Kills 
• Assist Counts 

In the Store section you will be able to see the Rewarded Ads and Loot Box.

In order to start the game you must choose/create a room where other players can join too.
In the create room section you need to: 
• Name the room
• Choose the max players that can join the room 
• Game Mode: Arcade Doom, Gun Game, Capture the flag, Free for all, Team Death • • • Match 
• Round Time
• Goal
• Bot Count 
• Map: Factory, Abandoned House, Warehouse, Killhouse

Bullet Force Display includes:
• Life percentage (displayed on the top left)
• Teams score and time (displayed on the top center)
• Ammo (displayed on the bottom right)
• Map (displayed on the top right)

How to play Masked Special Forces:
WASD or arrow keys to move
Left mouse click to fire
Right mouse click to aim
Space to jump
Q to slide while running
Left shift to run
1, 2, 3 to change weapon
E or F to interact / pick up weapon
G to throw available dynamite
H to use available medkit
T to chat
L to toggle cursor lock
C to crouch
Hold Tab to show scoreboard
Escape to pause