is an online military shooter. We dare say it's one of the best military shooters around. There are multiple game modes to choose from, you have many options to update your gear, from ranged and melee weapons to armour and healing. Put on your camo gear and get ready to shoot some bad guys!

Before starting the battle, look in the Equipment section to see the following:
• Mp5 
• P226
• Combat Knife
• Frag Grenade 
• Syringe 
• Basic Armor 

Choose the game mode:
• All
• Team Deathmatch
• Free for all
• Capture the flag 
• Bomb Defuse 
• Gun Game Display includes:
• Life percentage (displayed on the buttom center)
• Teams score and time (displayed on the top center)
• Weapons (displayed on the top right)
• Map (displayed on the top left)

WASD or arrow keys to move
Left mouse click to fire
Right mouse click to aim
Space to slide while moving
Left shift to run
1, 2, 3 to change weapon
E or F to interact / pick up weapon
G to throw available dynamite
H to use available medkit
T to chat
L to toggle cursor lock
C to crouch
Hold N to show scoreboard
Escape to pause