Stickman Destruction

Stickman Destruction Unblocked

Stickman Destruction is the perfect game if you're looking to blow off some steam and experience some realistic physics in action while throwing around a little stickman. The harder you push him, the more he jumps around and gets destroyed. No matter how hard he falls, he can take it all, until the is no more momentum to keep pushing him over the edge.

Throw him off the edge as far as you can, to make sure he hits as many obstacles and you get to score more points.

Map Selection: You can choose different type of rooms like : 
• Zigzac stairs
• Line way 
• Hole destruction
• Slide on saws 

While you break new records damaging the little man you get good score points to select rooms from the map.
You can also design your own room, adding objects or obstacles you want.
Spend points on upgrading the vehicles and characters. 

How do you play Stickman Destruction?
Tap the screen and swipe or use the mouse to drag and launch the stickman on his destruction adventure.

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