Realistic Buggy Driver

Realistic Buggy Driver Unblocked

Realistic Buggy Driver
is a pleasant 3D cat game where you get to drive one of several buggy cars around the map. At the start of the game, you get to choose on of four different environments to explore.

In this game, you have complete freedom to do anything you like and explore the environment freely, not having to complete quests or have to escape or outrun enemies.

You have 4 stunts maps and different cars to choose from.
• Buggy 1
• Buggy 2 
• Buggy 3
• Monster Truck

Realistic Buggy Driver Display includes:
• Controls and cars (displayed on the top left)
• Speed km/h (displayed on top right)

WASD or arrow keys to drive
Space bar for handbrake
C to change camera
Left shift to boost
R to reset scene
G to reset car

This article was updated on February 3, 2023