Offroad Racer

Offroad Racer Unblocked

Offroad Racer is a fun racing game with multiple cars and realistic physics.

Race with other cars across the countryside of this straightforward racing game. The controls are intuitive, the landscape is relaxing, the competition is tough. Control your car the best you can, stay on the road and be the first to finish all the laps.

Offroad Racer Display: 
• Position and Lap (displayed on the top left)
• Map of the race (displayed on the bottom left)
• Time and lap time (displayed on the top center)
• Leading list (displayed on the top right)
• Car speed (displayed on the bottom right)

Arrow keys for direction or acceleration
Spacebar for handbrake
Left CTRL for nitro
Escape to toggle pause menu
C to switch camera views

This article was updated on February 5, 2023