Mob City

Mob City Unlbocked

Mob City
is a city full of bad guy that we've built for you to enjoy cleaning up! Enter town and take on the kind of mission you prefer. There are plenty to choose from. You can take on a mission to kill, to deliver, to save, or to spy. No matter your mission, crime is abundant in this city and there are mobsters everywhere ripe for you to shoot.

Select Mission: enter the mission you want and kill as many enemies as possible.
• Out for Justice - Kill 100 bad guys
• Death from Above - Destroy 10 black vans
• The Only Way is up - Destroy 6 gun turrents
• Underground - kill 5 juggernauts
• Urban Warfare - Destroy 5 tanks
• Parking Garage Mayhem - Kill 150 bad guys
• Path of the Mammoth - Destroy the mammoth tank
• Target Practice - Destroy 10 orange barrels 
• Streets on Fire - Kill 100 bad guys
• Rocket Girl - Kill Katie! 

Mob City Display includes:
• Map and time (displayed on the top left)
• Number of enemies to be killed( displayed on the left of the screen)
• Score (displayed on top center )
• Hammer time & health ( displayed on the bottom left)
• Cash points ( displayed on the top right)
• Number of grenades and the weapon available (displayed on the bottom right)
Shop section: you have the opportunity to buy different weapons and items for your character.
Achievement section: You will find the progress during the missions. 

Multiple missions based on a level up system
In-game shop
Weapons upgrades

WASD or arrow keys to move
Space bar to jump
Left mouse click or Z to fire
Right mouse click to throw grenade
Left Shift or C to activate Hammer Time
Mouse Wheel, Q and E for Cycle weapons
Enter or E to enter vehicle
Esc or P to pause game
M to Mute audio toggle
V to change view