Death Racing

Death Racing Unblocked

Death Racing is one of the best racing games that we have for you. Enter the game to find amazing modern and dynamic graphics.

Choose between Classic Endless Mode or Career Mode and build your car. The more races you win, the more you earn to buy a new car or improve on the features of your current one.

Be careful along your way, the police is on the lookout for racers and they can chase you and drive into yout car. If you survive, you will have to pay to get the car repaired, so be careful.

Choose your car and customize it:
• Rims
• Carpaint
• Spoilers
• Special
You can play 2 Modes:
•  Classic Endless Mode: it has 3 levels
•  Career Mode: 3 Missions:
•  Mission 1: Outrun the cops
•  Mission 2: Hijack the truck full of gold
•  Mission 3: Get away with the gold 

Death Racing Display includes:
• Fuel, Nitro HP, Cash, Gold multiplier (displayed on the top center)
• Speed (displayed on the top left)
• Number of chests (displayed on the buttom right)

Multiple game modes
Multiple cars
Great graphics

A/D or Left/Right arrows to control car
W or left shift to activate NOS
S to use shield
Space or E to activate HP item

This article was updated on February 8, 2023