Crazy Drifter

Crazy Drifter Unblocked

Are you looking for a cool, quick race, with no complications and limitations? Check out Crazy Drifter, our latest addition to the collection of car games.

Enjoy any of the over three types of races and get better and faster at finishing them while the competition tries to beat you. The races change location each time and pretty soon you'll know the city by heart and drive around just for the pleasure of it.

For each race, you earn cash. If you want to spend more time in the game, you can spend it to upgrade your car and to add personalisation options to it. Play for long enough, and you'll even afford a new car.

Car design Garage: 
You can design your car: 
• Exhaust paint
• Cage
• Hood
• Bumper
• Slitter
• Side skirt
• Bumper
• Spoiler

Store: buy the favorite car.
Map: You can choose the circuit, time attack or drift mode. 

Play Mode:
You can play Crazy Drifter by using your keyboard.
Press WASD or arrow keys to race with your car.
Hold Spacebar to use hand brake.
Hold Left Shift to use boost.
Choose your route by clicking on the map.