Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting Unblocked

Big Game Hunting
is a sniper game set in a lovely meadow. Here, you are armed with a shotgun and can shoot the deer as you need to complete the mission. This is a wonderful 3D simulator where you get to improve your shooting skills.

Take your sniper rifle and hone your skill on the mechanical simulated deer. As you advance in the game, you will earn power-ups and new weapons, as well as three different game modes: training camp, AI battle, and hunting.

In the game you have the following sections:
• Store: buy items & upgrades
• Training camp: complete the levels and win the score points.
• Ai Battle: matching with other players
• Hunting levels: hunt animals in the forest
• Equipment: choose a gun to play the game

Hold left mouse button or right mouse button to aim, release to shoot.