Assault Fury

Assault Fury Unblocked

Assault Fury is a sniper shooter game set in a detailed environments with exciting missions that your character has to complete.

You are under attack by enemy troops who are doing their best to ambush you where you stand. Kill them before they kill you and make sure you have enough health left to fight the final boss for each level!

Don't forget about each mission's objective while you're fighting for your life!

Choose the weapon, later you can upgrade it so that your shooting becomes more powerful.
Hero - Guns available: 
• AWP Sniper 
• SVD Sniper 
• Veteran Sniper 
• DSR Sniper 
• QBU-88 Sniper 
• Gold Sniper 
• MG3 Machine gun 
• KAC Machine gun 
• RPK Machine gun 
• Scarlet 95 Machine gun 
• Fal Assault 
• Gold AK47 Assault 
• MP5 Assault 
• M4A1 Assault 
• SCAR-L Assault 
• Dragon gun Assault
• MG4 Machine gun 
• Gatlin T1 Machine gun 
Gun - Weapon attribute 
• Glasses
• Body armor 
• Military boots 
• Battle suit 
• Gloves
Depot items: 
• Tactical props
• Gun parts 
• Medal 
• Clip 
Daily task
• Weapons strengthening 3 times this day 
• Completed equipment reinforcement 3 times today 
• Use props 3 times today 
• Kill 50 enemies this day

Main Mission:
• Accumulated headshot 40 times 
• Accumulated level victory 20 times 
• Customs clearance level chapter 1 
• Customs clearance level 1 
Campaign Mode & Endless Mode:
Ordinary level/ Difficulty level - for every level you have to complete the combat target 
At every stage there is a Boss that must be destroyed.
• Dizzy storm 
• Iron Forest
• Desert eagle
• Angry sea
• Storm assault 
• Old factory
• Palace guard
• Backwaters 
Assault Fury Display includes:
• HP (displayed on the top left)
• Equipment (displayed central buttom screen)
• Weapons (displayed on the top right)

Multiple weapons
40 levels
Multiple npc types
Upgrade system

Press right mouse click to aim
Press left mouse click to shoot
Press R to reload
Press Tab to pause