Army Attack

Army Attack Unblocked

Get in your war mode and join the missions you'll receive in Army Attack. You have access to tasks from all over the world, in different environments. The missions have specific tasks to them, making this game more than your average shooter.

Take down the enemy bases! Follow the instructions of your commanders and save humanity before it's too late! Good luck, soldier, we depend on you!

Store section - select weapon
• Knife 
• M1911
• Shotgun 
• MP5
• AK47
• M4
• Dragonov Sniper 
You can start the shooting adventure on different parts of the globe. Press one dot, begin the mission and eliminate all the enemies.

Army Attack Display includes:
• Life percentage & Map (displayed on the top left)

Multiple challenging missions
Multiple weapons

WASD to move
Right mouse click to aim
Left mouse click to shoot
Space to jump
Left shift to run
Left ctrl to crouch