is a strategy game, but with zombies.

Build your castle, gather resources, upgrade your buildings and your troops. Don't forget to create and upgrade troops because, at night, zombies attack your kingdom and try to destroy all your buildings.

You'll enjoy the possibility to defend your land, and to build more and more and expand your territory, while also defending it.

Game Play Mode: you can play during the day/night.

In order to start having an empire you must first build a castle. The Castle is the core of your kingdom, protect it with your life.
Lumberyards and Crystal Mines produce woods and crystals. Make sure to build a few of them.

Build defensive buildings to defend your castle from enemies. Use your day because you cannot build at night! Upgrade your buildings to make them much stronger.
Zombie are coming from the ice mountains. They can also cross the water.
Barrack is very important because you can recruit melee warriors here.

Great Hall you can upgrade your players abilities and buildings. Earn essences for killing zombies. Use essences to upgrade your player in the Great Hall.

Endless levels
Multiple buildings
Strategy gameplay

WASD to move Left mouse click to shoot